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Misionary and Projects


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Misionary and Projects

Our Church is linked to community missions as well as ongoing aid to other countries or needs presented.

Any donation received will be used only for these purposes, remember that any donation can be credited to your annual taxes. Any contribution will not be in vain because as the bible states, Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they had done (Prov. 19:17)


Community Outreach

Every year we come out and rent a park in the city with the purpose to take the gospel and feed the community. This special day we go with a mission to bring light and hope to those in need. Equipped with divine authority we focus first on their spiritual need but also offer them free food and refreshments.

Future Plans and Construction

We work together as a Church to respond to God's calling for the spiritual needs at our community and all around. We have great plans and desires that we know we will achieve if we don't stop believing. Once we finish the construction of our first floor we can focus more on programs or institutions that offer hope and liberation to the lost. Programs directed solely by the power of the Holy Spirit. Souls are being lost and we feel a responsibility as a Church to do something while we wait the return of Jesus Christ.

Help us to pray for our projects because we know that God will continue to supply what is necessary for the glory of his name.

Thank you