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Pastors Joel and Diana Figueroa with Congregation are here to help. Our Church is in the City of Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Our doors are open to all. God invites you to experience His love, His grace, and salvation given by Our Savior Jesus Christ. Our Services are in English and Spanish. We are waiting for you with open arms! Send us an email with any question or if you need a prayer.

The Pentecostal Church Receive Power Inc. was born as follow. Years ago, we received the calling to go out into pastoral ministry which was also confirmed by our Pastor at that time. We were dismissed from that congregation along with my wife and three children. From that moment we began to pray to the Lord that He would show us the place where we would open a new church. One night the Lord reveals himself to us in vision and declares to us a name of a city that is called Phillipsburg NJ. That night I heard a voice telling me Phillipsburg, Phillipsburg.. Phillipsburg.. and then I understood that it was the voice of God telling me that the place for the church will be in Phillipsburg NJ.

After that wonderful experience with the Lord we came left to fulfill the call that God had made to us. We walked in faith without knowing this city where God had sent us. We began to evangelize this city and after two weeks we managed to get a Baptist Temple on Main St. Our first service would take place Sunday, November 16, 2008. From that moment until today God has opened great doors for us in this city where we managed to buy our own place in 2016 to God be the glory. Where now we have a beautiful congregation that the Lord has allowed us pastor. With powerful leaders, men, women and youth filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and a burning desire to do God's will.

We have seen so many wonders in this city and surrounding cities. Reaching out to the needy and lost souls. We have witnessed God's power even in these difficult and violent times. And although great oppositions and challenges await us, God has promised us a great harvest and victories. Because the one God calls he will always uphold. To Him always the glory.

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We invite you to join our services in celebrating God's presence. Each Society has its services, retreats, vigils, and campaigns.

Our services give the opportunity for members of the Society to participate in songs, testimonies, and sermons for the growth of their lives and the building of the Church.

Our Retreats are composed of prayer, studies, dynamics and preaching of the word. Concluding at the end with a sharing of food all together.

Our Vigils are composed mostly of prayer united for each other’s petitions.

Our Campaigns are separate days of 2-3 days to celebrate the growth of society but more importantly to bring more souls to the Lord. A special program is prepared and a preacher is invited to preach the word.